Commitment to quality

Dear customers and partners,
it is a great pleasure to cooperate with your esteemed company. We hope that we can establish long-term cooperation based on the priciples of honesty, intergrity, equality, mutual respect, and mutual benefit.
We hereby certify that
1. Our company is ISO 9001 certified in our quality management system.
2. Our company is ISO 14001 certified in our environmental management system.
3. Our company is ISO 13485 certified in our quality management systems for medical devices.
4. We have achieved BRC consumer product certification.
5. We have achieved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.
6. We have achieved SA8000 certificate in the management of social accountability.
7. In addition to the international standards listed above, the quality management standards our company use are composed of Regional & National Regulation, Industry Standard, Customer standards, and Third Party Institution Standards.
8. We guarantee that we will comply with the five management principles, that is Procedures, Communication, Training, Inspection and Supervision, to ensure that our product quality can be maintained and improved.
9. In different fields such as production, research and development, technology, and management, we have employees qualified in relevant areas to provide customers with perfect services.
10. We guarantee that we will conduct risk assessments if there is any changes on development engineering, product engineering, testing standards or any subjective and objective factors.
11. For any abnormal situation found before, during production or after the products have been sold, we take immediate actions and preventive actions to reduce the possible risk.
12. Not only the product itself, but all the raw materials, personnel, environment, or any indirect factors that might throughout the sales process are considered in our quality control.
13. We guarantee that through the proper production process, packaging, and shipping, the quality of our products will meet customers' expectation.
14. We take full responsibility of our products. If there's any material or technological defects found on our products in the sales process, we will give our quickest response and assist in the resolution.
15. We request our suppliers to achieve the same certifications and standards listed above to ensure safety and quality of the supplies.

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