Product Safety

As a professional manufacturer of oral care products, the most basic and important requirement for us,
KI.WORKS, is to make our customer feel safe and secure when using our products.
In view of this, we have set detailed and stringent requirements of manufacturing environment
in order to prevent every possible danger caused by our products. To create and maintain safety and quality of our products, we hereby certify that

1. We maintain a clean production workshop and prevent any possible foreign objects or insects from entering the workshop.
2. We authorize third-party organizations to do chemical and biological sampling test for our main products.
3. We make risks evaluation and management for new product development.
4. We examine the manufacturing environment regularly to ensure there is no pollution inside the plant.
5. We perform pest control regularly outside the plant to prevent any biological pollution.
6. We conduct inspection continuously and keep our products off of the ground.
7. We check the effectiveness of our product safety evaluation system regularly.
8. All employees and customers are required to pass through air shower and report their health status before entering the manufacturing area.
9. All employees and customers are required to be sterilized before each entry.
10. We take strict control for all materials and instruments used in the manufacturing process such as knives, glass, chemicals, and oil.
11. We request our suppliers to follow the same standards listed above to ensure safety and quality of the supplies.