Supply Chain Description

KI. WORKS, as an integrator of production, we have to commit the duties of delivering and quality to our end customers. Therefore, we have basic requirements for stability of quality and safety from complete supply chain. Following are our four basic requirements to suppliers.

Quality: Stable quality

Service: High coordination

Safety: Safety guaranty

Cooperation: Grow together

Demand of supplies

We are always seeking for suppliers who are able to provide us better quality and services.
If your esteemed company is producing following items, you are welcome to contact with our purchasing department:

2. Iron wire: Coated, Uncoated
3. Filament: Interdental brush filament, toothbrush filament
4. Floss: PTFE、Nylon、Polyester
5. Colorant: Pigment, master-batch
6. Packaging: Paper card, blister, zip bag, OPP bag, PE bag, EVA bag, sticker, inner box, carton
7. Additives: Flavor, mint, antimicrobial, (fluoride)