Commitments to the Environment

KI.WORKS believes that environmental protection is just as much important as industrial development. Enterprises that has no sense of responsibility to protect the environment certainly cannot develop stably and substantially. By planning and implementing the environmental management system, we help our employees and suppliers to foster a sense of responsibility to protect the environment. Communicate timingly with our employees, proper training, implemented inspection and supervise; we will start and implement from the institution. Every employee in the company can practice what they preach and influence their co-workers, neighbor, and families. It helps them to understand that everyone has the same duty to protect the environment. It's not only KI.WORKS' responsibility but every individual's and supplier's.

Air and Water

Regular inspection throughout the plant
Recycling of water


Promoting green environment
Advocacy to energy conservation
Using energy-saving equipment


Waste sorting and recycling
Using recycled products
Promoting renewable materials

Chemicals and toxin

Segregated storage
No-leaking principle
Strict selection of professional recycling company


Installing sound isolation equipment
Preferentially using low-noise equipment
Regular testing throughout the plant


Ensure soil is not contaminated
Maintain the green area ratio of plant