Commitments to labor rights

KI.WORKS consists of multi-national employees. Respecting human rights is an important factor helping for us to maintain our strong competitiveness. Apart from government regulations, international social responsibility requirements, social responsibility requirements of the customer, and requirements from professional third-party organizations, we also added another crucial component ─KI.WORKS corporate culture. We strongly believe that having basic respect for people is the primary factor in establishing a powerful organization. In the comforting, stable, secure workplace company provides, the employees are able to work under the pleasing atmosphere.

Occupational safety

hazard prevention
accidents handling and care
promoting safety awareness
Providing a safe working environment

Health and hygiene

Hygiene Facilities
Regular health exams for employees
accident management training
Providing professional medical consultation


Respect basic human rights
Respect cultural diversity
Respect human needs
Develop company culture

Fair and Transparent

fair and transparent policies
Rights and Duties: fair and opened
Rewards and penalty: fair and opened
Protect personal privacy


prevent disabled discrimination
Anti disability discrimination
Anti class discrimination


Prohibition of forcing labor
prohibit child labor
Prohibition of forcing child labor
Prohibition of forcing pregnant women
Prohibition of behavioral restrictions