Six services

We have product development team, marketing & sales team, stomatologists… specialists that are from each profession; with these elements, we constructed a manufacturing factory with comprehensive production and supportive logistics team that provides services as below

OEM for oral products.

Completed OEM for toothbrushes, interdental brushes, floss picks, toothpicks, tongue cleaners.

Cooperating development

2D/3D design, 3D printing, mold making, sample making, pilot run, performance qualification… etc.

Authorized agency

Authorizing OKAMURA brands to specialized distributors in different countries.

OEM injection products

OEM, including mold making, for PP, PE, TPR, HIPS, ABS, PETG, PLA, POM… etc.

Mold development

Material analyze, mold designing, production capacity analyze, CNC molding, other molding, injection trails… etc.

Educational cooperation

Cooperating with medical schools, stomatologists, dentist associations, and other units to developing products and cultivating talents

Eight teams

We recruit talents from multiple countries for providing necessary knowledges and resources while production; in addition of cooperating in each profession, division of specialization, inheriting knowledge.

Quality control team

Quality control (IQC, IPQC, OQC), quality assurance (QA), quality management (QM)

Sales team

Marketing, investigating for customer's developing POs, tracking customer needs, replying customer demands.

Research and development team

Technical analyze, performance qualification, production output management, product development.

Molding team

Mold designing and analysis, CNC programming and operation, mold trails, mold maintenance

Technics and production team

3 shifts for continuous 24/7 production, development, injection, tufting, trimming…etc.

Equipment development team

Automation, process development, technic support.

Audition team

Risk evaluation, human rights, quality, social responsibilities, health audits, emergency response team

Logistic team

Purchasing, stocking, human resources, information engineering, art designing, labor representatives

Six advantages

We are not a ordinary traditional industries, as contribute for multiculturalising and recuiting elites from various countries, therefore we are able to integrate and achieve perfection on organization, flexible production, guaranteed accomplishments

Taiwanese research and development

Professional analysis, getting bottom of each doubts, and flexible communication are our reasearching spirits.

Japanese management

Strict management, focus on details, rapid maneuvering are our managing concepts.

Vietnamese production

Sufficient human force and honesty are our guarantee for production stability

Comprehensive qualification

Comprehensively participate and pass qualifications of each international association to ensure operation of management.

International sales

Encompass knowledges from worldwide customers, and comprehending tendency of each market.

Professional equipments

Apply high-end manufacturing equipments to fulfill PO requirements precisely

Advance preparation of its profits

We have integral production equipments, sufficient human resources and competitive environment to ensure stability and quality control.

 Injection equipments

64 injection machines

 Twisting & tufting equipments

14 machines

 Printing & packing equipments

50 machines

 Mold making & maintenance

15 machines

Factory Land Area: 9,320 m2
Production Area: 3,080 m²
Package Area: 980 m²
Warehouse Area: 2,980 m²
Office Area: 880 m²
Direct production employees - 80%, indirect employees - 17%, management personnel - 3%
Managing human forces from Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Italy, to accomplish high quality services to customers in multiple languages.
If export engages national holidays or day off, we can, corresponding to local law, coordinate with customer to continue production by shifting holidays

Quality assurance

We commit, as cornerstone, to assure customer's product quality, improving technics, developing production management according to international standard, industrial standard, customer standard as well as by the mean of designing our own managing system, improving, avoiding risks.

Production capacity data

Since 2013, we increase in average at 20% - 40% of production capacity. Until today, the annual output is: toothbrush: 13,500,000 pcs; interdental brush: 327,000,000 pcs; floss pick: 1,900,000,000 pcs; toothpicks 1,100,000,000 pcs; export: 22 containers/ month (40ft)

Market distribution

Our product distributes in multiple countries of Europe, North America, North East Asia, South East Asia. At 98% of products are oral products and marketing network involves super markets, drug stores, clinics, online stores, creative stores… etc.

Centurial history

We are a company, established in Osaka in 1907, that has sustaining over a century, and specialized in manufacturing oral products. While keeping continuous development and reasearch, we also ensure creation and acknowledgement does not stop. Within this 100 years, with experiencing manufacturing in Taiwan, OKAMURA group had officially established manufacturing plant in Vietnam. We will keep up customer's intention for oral care and be cooperative to fit consumer needs and social responsibilities.

Production assurance

Factory is located at VSIP 1 in Binh Duong, this is a guaranteed modernized industrial park that does not disrupte water and electricity supply, also, there are enough auxiliary equipments to sustain stable production. Meanwhile, this is an area that is rich of talented human forces, who targets this industrial park at the top of their employment choices. Factories that planted in Vietnam also hold advantages to comprehensive supply chain here.

They say...

I am proud to work in Ki. Works, it grows up with me, teaches me a lot and provides stable working environment.

Employee (8 years service)

Ki. Works is a company that respect to profession, and that is different from other compies. In professional point of view, Ki. Works' products are just like artworks.

Dental hygienist (Japan)

Our brand

We committed to our own products to provide superior products to our customers and share the condition of market changes to achieve win-wins.

If we are able to help?

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