Consult and review suppliers

Due to the responsibility to the society, consumers, and our clients; we have the duties to supervise, assist and give advise to our suppliers. However, since we are building long term partnership with our suppliers, we would like to grow with our qualify ones. Therefore, KI. WORKS will provide timely consult to our suppliers to follow the change of globe industrial environment.

Process of registering suppliers

Due to the requirement of our customers and our duties, we need to have a process of registering suppliers to help us work smoother also trust and help each other. We will have better partnership from this process.

Stage One:
Communicate about our requirements

Goal of this stage:
Confirm the compatibility of supplies and demand from both sides, set up contact person and intention

  • Initial Contact, set up contact person
  • Confirm product range of supplies
  • Conference (Technical/ business communication)
  • Current status of supply and demand of our side
  • Confirm the model of early cooperation

  • Stage Three:
    Verify documentation

    Goal of this stage:
    Confirm the suitability of supplies and set up standard for both sides

  • Verify additional documents provided by suppliers
  • Confirm purchasing details with each other
  • Visit supplier's plant
  • Sign Contract or Letter of Intent
  • Provide supplier rating for their reference

  • Stage Two:
    Make samples to approve

    Goal of this stage:
    Confirm the suitability of supplies and set up standard for both sides

  • Informing the process of sampling and needed documentation of KI. WORKS
  • Suppliers provide samples and documentation
  • KI. WORKS make samples and process of approval
  • Set up specification and acceptable standard between both sides
  • Supplier provide quotation

  • Stage Four:
    Register for qualified suppliers

    Coal of this stage:
    Starting cooperation, build long term partnership to grow together

  • Pass the assessment result to general manager
  • Register the supplier to qualified supplier list
  • Send official purchase order
  • Review missing parts from both sides irregularly
  • Consult and review audit yearly